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I May Not Be Her

I may not be her,

The woman who clouded your dreams with her beauty.

I may not be her,

The woman you always desired but you were never available when she was.

I may not be her,

The woman you had loved who ran away that you so desired to win back.

Yet, love works in the most unexpected ways joining two individuals,

two strangers to cross paths and grow.

Our distinctness intertwines in the strangest ways

But as long as I am happy and you are too,

I’ll forever spend the rest of my life with you.


What does love mean to me?

What does love mean to me? Love means sacrifice; religiously, it means God. It is an emotion that binds two people together inseparably no matter the distance or the time. Love to me is when you find that person who makes you happy no matter what goes on in your life. It isn’t easily defined due to being such an abstract concept. I just know it exists when it is there. It goes beyond an emotion; it is more a physical sensation that alters your perception on life.

The Dream

This is a great poem I found online called The Dream.

I dreamed that you had ceased to love me—
not that you had come from other beds
back to mine, or gone from mine to others,
just that something in your heart had stopped.

I willed myself awake to find you still
beside me. It was just a dream, I thought,
yet when I turned to kiss you, in your eyes
I saw that you had ceased to love me.

I willed myself awake a second time
to find myself alone, as I have been
these many months, but did not know if it
was terror or relief I felt, and whether

dreams unfold the past or make the future
plain. I dreamed that you had ceased to love me,
and know when I see nothing in your eyes
I can’t dream myself awake a third time.

David Solway