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I May Not Be Her

I may not be her,

The woman who clouded your dreams with her beauty.

I may not be her,

The woman you always desired but you were never available when she was.

I may not be her,

The woman you had loved who ran away that you so desired to win back.

Yet, love works in the most unexpected ways joining two individuals,

two strangers to cross paths and grow.

Our distinctness intertwines in the strangest ways

But as long as I am happy and you are too,

I’ll forever spend the rest of my life with you.


Same old song

It’s the same old song the dancer recognizes

time and time again.

Never ending waltz that comes on–

just a different partner to give her that same rush

through her veins.

She recognizes that she’s just being played

like any mere fool.

Yet, the pain she endures as she dances

seems to be her fuel.

Appearance of an Angel

Appearance of an angel but the

greatest secrets are hidden in the

most unlikely places.

Voice of an angel but the greatest speakers

are the best manipulators.


Containing Flames

She’s just trying to contain a flame

that wants to spread wild.

Appearances are just face value;

the truth about her is being buried,

buried beneath the stones that have been

thrown at her across the many years.

A constant battle between

being who she wants to be-unchained and free-

and being what is accepted

in the world that surrounds her.



Race without a finish line

There goes the runner…running as fast as he can. He no longer remembers the starting point. Training for years for this race…race for what? A race to the finish line. Running…running…occasionally seeing other runners other runners on a different race to a finish line not known to him all these years thinking it’s the same race. The bystanders watch and stare at the elegance of his run, his mistakes, his falls, his rises….never satisfied with what they see…always asking for more. This runner keeps running to his finish line…forgetting at times why he runs….changing his reasons as different runners join him. Obstacles come and go…knocking him down occasionally. He has a hunger for achievement, a hunger to be a winner of a lone race. However, no matter how much he runs he keeps going…ignoring the pain that his body endures and the emotional strain that it causes. He keeps going because he knows one day there will be a finish line. A line when he is satisfied with this race…


Put yourself in another’s shoes

Before you say or do something you should not do.

If not, friends and loved ones will beget

A  d i s t a n c e towards you that you will regret.

Oh, That Sweet Drink He Gives Me

Oh, That Sweet Drink He Gives Me

Oh, that sweet drink he gives me,

Filling my veins instantaneously with its poison,

Somehow making every single particle of my body

Electrified and content.

Oh, that sweet drink he gives me,

Only satisfies the heart and soul only temporarily,

With a crash and burn that follows after,

Similar to that of the fish

Who after being allured by the bait,

Becomes the meal of another.

Oh, that sweet drink he gives me,

Just enough to get me to beg for more,

Never enough to keep me satisfied.

This addiction has only just begun,

Evidently it is just too late.

Oh, that sweet drink he gives me,

Destroys the very soul to bits and pieces,

Never getting the satisfaction I desire.

It is reaching the end of this bottle,

I keep asking for more,

Yet there is no more left in store.