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Too lazy to go to a gym? Don’t like working in front of others? Don’t have the money to pay a monthly fee for a membership? Well, this game is right for you (assuming you already own a XBox and a Kinect or don’t mind spending the money for it.)

I’ve had this game for several months now and the workouts are great. When you first start it, it gives you a test to determine your fitness level as well as visually scans your body. It is fun; the game has three different options that are personal training sessions, workout games and fitness classes. It gives you recommendations based on what you would like to achieve and also teaches you different types of workouts as well as makes sure you do them right. It is like having your own personal trainer. Who wouldn’t want that?

The only thing it doesn’t give you is a diet plan, but if you combine this with whichever diet plan you have, I am sure you will get results. You can do cardio, toning and sculpting workouts with this as well as end your workout with a calming Zen class. Enjoy!


Kinect Zumba

My mother bought me the Kinect Zumba game for the XBOX 360. Being that I take a Zumba class at Gold’s gym, I was interested in seeing how similar the game is to the class. I inserted the game and I was welcomed by vibrant Latin music. The game offers tutorials on how to first learn the different steps of various types of music such as the Calypso, Belly dance, merengue, salsa etc. It has a calendar with set workout dates or you can make your own schedule. It also has a multiplayer mode which I was a bit dissappointed with the Kinect sensor because it does not read well when there are more the one persons participating. Otherwise the game is great and does workout your body very much like an actual Zumba class in the one player mode.

Kinect Review

So my father purchased the kinect for me as a late Christmas gift (yeah I know its over a month late). It comes with Kinect adventures. I tested in out and came to these points:

1-the idea is great; it allows you to make choices on the screen with just the movement of your hand.

2-the kinect acts like a camera in which it takes a visual image of your body and it uses that image in the games.

3-it takes voice commands, a lot like the Playstation EYE


Ideal distance is 8 to 10 ft distance from the sensor however it seems to read pretty well at 6 ft.

Does not read more than one person very well.

Movement is not always presented accurately unless you are in the ideal distance.

Review on games like Kienct Adventures and Kinect Zumba to come