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Best Time To Buy

With Black Friday coming up, everyone is looking for deals, especially to purchase gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. However, this is not the best time to buy everything. Here is a list of when you should buy certain things during the year-this list can save you big bucks.

Airline Tickets

When: 1 a.m. Wednesday because airlines reset their fares every Wednesday after midnight. Wednesdays are also the cheapest days to fly and Sundays the most expensive. Traveling during the holidays? Start looking in September for flights.

Gym Membership

When: mid-summer due to people losing interest in joining gyms during this time of the year and gyms are more willing to negotiate.


When: Fall and Winter. The Spring and summer seasons are very active in buying and selling so you have a better chance at negotiating prices during the cold months.


When: January and July due to new inventory coming in.

Outdoor Gear such as bikes

When: February and March due to replacement of older models.


When: Black Friday. Yeah it’s worth the trampling when buying your next TV.

Electronics-Cell phones

When: Always on sale for new clients. Contracted client: wait 6 months for that new phone.


When: New Car in September to purchase last year’s model. Used car- April.


When: 6 weeks after item has been delivered to store. Preferably Thursday to catch weekend sales and that is when items start getting marked down.
Hope this helps!


Why People Still Stick With Facebook

After every Facebook update, people whine and complain throughout their statuses and posts as well on other social sites like Twitter complaining how much they hate the new update. Also, every time this occurs, two weeks later the whining disappears and people forget why they were complaining or what they old Facebook looked like. You may ask, why complain? Why not stop using Facebook? Why not switch to a different social networking site?

These are all great questions however, the situation is a lot more complicated than it seems. In the 90s when the internet revolutionized and gave a new form of communication via email and chat rooms or the infamous AIM, people started to realize that there are other forms to communicate and keep in touch with friends and family that are far away and that may be to expensive to call. The email was an efficient way to send an email and eventually get a response from any person with an internet connection in any part of the world. Not to mention that AIM was a quicker way to establish this long distance connection even with the quality of internet at the time.

However, the greatest internet of them all was the social networking sites, specifically with the invention of MySpace. MySpace allowed users to have a profile in which they describe themselves, upload pictures, and above all communicate with friends via comments and messages. There were groups and fan pages and the often search engine that helped you find your friends and family. It helped put a visual on the person you were chatting with that you may not have seen in years as well as learn more about them through their page.

Many other sites emerged including the infamous Facebook. At first Facebook was considered bland compared to MySpace in which was very customizable but after the several changes done to MySpace, users became exhausted.

So now, does Facebook have the same fate as MySpace? Well maybe, but not soon enough. First, Facebook has grown to attract audiences of all ages and an even larger audience than MySpace making the transfer to another site much harder. The switch to Facebook was caused by friends encouraging their friends to join it. Once the switch was done then the site was used.

Consider the options to switch to if you are tired of Facebook and likelihood of switching to it:

Myspace (low)- Why would you switch to a site no one likes? Yeah it was the original but it’s just a music fan page now.

Twitter (low/medium)-If you haven’t switched to Twitter yet, you probably won’t and twitter isn’t much of a social networking site. You can’t chat with friends and it is really just a bunch of status updates.

LinkedIn: (medium) Maybe if you are a professional or a college student, this may be the choice for you but this isn’t the place to post your pictures from last night’s drinking binge.

Google+: (medium/high in future) Alright, we get to Google. Google+ is a good idea of a social networking site except for a couple of reasons. It was by invite only at first which turned away a lot of people. However, my number one reason of why it is faulty is because Google created it. Most people love Google however we all have some fear of it. Google is that one friend you hang out with all the time and will always be there to have a good time but you will never trust them with your secrets because they will tell the world. It’s enough that they already know what your house looks like.

So in essence, people will continue to stick to Facebook because they feel they have no other choice. Until they stop fearing Google or until another well-executed site pops up, Facebook will remain the mighty giant.




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Put yourself in another’s shoes

Before you say or do something you should not do.

If not, friends and loved ones will beget

A  d i s t a n c e towards you that you will regret.


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