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great list if on a diet. StumbledUpon this the other day.


Too lazy to go to a gym? Don’t like working in front of others? Don’t have the money to pay a monthly fee for a membership? Well, this game is right for you (assuming you already own a XBox and a Kinect or don’t mind spending the money for it.)

I’ve had this game for several months now and the workouts are great. When you first start it, it gives you a test to determine your fitness level as well as visually scans your body. It is fun; the game has three different options that are personal training sessions, workout games and fitness classes. It gives you recommendations based on what you would like to achieve and also teaches you different types of workouts as well as makes sure you do them right. It is like having your own personal trainer. Who wouldn’t want that?

The only thing it doesn’t give you is a diet plan, but if you combine this with whichever diet plan you have, I am sure you will get results. You can do cardio, toning and sculpting workouts with this as well as end your workout with a calming Zen class. Enjoy!

Kinect Zumba

My mother bought me the Kinect Zumba game for the XBOX 360. Being that I take a Zumba class at Gold’s gym, I was interested in seeing how similar the game is to the class. I inserted the game and I was welcomed by vibrant Latin music. The game offers tutorials on how to first learn the different steps of various types of music such as the Calypso, Belly dance, merengue, salsa etc. It has a calendar with set workout dates or you can make your own schedule. It also has a multiplayer mode which I was a bit dissappointed with the Kinect sensor because it does not read well when there are more the one persons participating. Otherwise the game is great and does workout your body very much like an actual Zumba class in the one player mode.

Yoga class in College? YESSSSS

Zen & Yoga class for the win! I had my first yoga class today at my university which helped me learn a lot not only about youga but also about the body. Anything I learn I will make sure to post on this blog:

1-Don’t chew gum. It makes you keep fat.

You are probably thinking…is this chic crazy? Yeah no. Well my professor totally made sense though. Gum makes your mouth salivate and confuses your body to prepare for the consumption of food.¬† So your stomach prepares acid to break down food as well as your digestive system prepares to kick in. Then your body goe into panic mood when it realizes nothing is reaching the stomach (AHHHHH!). Not only are you buring the lining of your stomach with super acid that can probably make a hole through your hand but also it makes your body prepare for starvation storing a much fat as possible in case you go out of food for days.

Alternative recommended by prof: a drop of peppermint oil.

2-Don’t cross your legs if you want to keep the spiders away.

Not only does crossing your legs mess up your lower back but it cuts off circulation to your legs causing varicose veins and I know you ladies don’t want that with your nice cocktail dress.

Alternative recommended by prof: cross your ankles if you feel the need to cross your legs.


ohh yeah. I’m taking ZUMBA classes. My aunt was kind to give me a free membership to Gold’s Gym, optimally to be in better shape because of my health. Im not fat or anything….actually I’m quite thin excepts for the small masses of fat that used to not be ther when I was still really in to modeling (trust me not THAT much fat). Anyway, my aunt loves the ZUMBA class so I decided to try it. Yeah I know, it is a aerobics class basically with Latin music and other international music but it is quite fun. You do get to learn how to dance different types of music and you feel the burn everywhere. I strongly recommend it…you may look like a fool trying to dance salsa and cumbia but I’m sure you will learn something as well as burn any extra fat that may be sitting around those hips.