So I am currently in my Fall Break (yeah, Seton Hall considers having Monday and Tuesday as off a break). I remember the days in high school when I looked forward to my breaks because in reality, they were actually breaks. They consisted of doing nothing but watching various reruns of silly MTV shows like Punk’d or Yo Momma and spend hours on end doing stupid quizzes on Myspace and other girly sites like Seventeen to discover What’s My Shoe? or Which Mean Girls character are You? Oh yes, productivity was slightly included somwhere between the hours of sleeping and eating and drawing…the occassional project was left to the last 2-3 days of the break. (Yes, unlike some of you believe, I do have the capability to procastinate.

College breaks consists of the occassional party and massive amounts of homework and studying for exams. Oh yea, FUN has to be squeezed in; not the other way around. I look at my Monday and Tuesday as only more time for homework, not a true vacation in my life.