Sometimes we have expectations of things we have not seen or experienced and when it happens, it is nothing like you expect. Sometimes, they are full of imperfections and flaws that you never pictured before. I felt this the first time I saw the Colosseum in Rome. I had this beautiful image of a gigantic structure that was so architecturally intricate and intact. I pictured it like the images of it in the movie Gladiator. Even though I knew it was aged and weathered by the climates of many centuries, I still thought of it as that beautiful art of work. As I stood there in the light rain shower, I stared up at the structure, much smaller than I had thought.
It was very little of what I had imagined. However, there was beauty in the ruins of what was left behind. It contained a history, a story one could never remove from the boulders of stone that occupied the small Colosseum center.
It was then that I discovered something. The things that are truly beautiful are never how we picture them to be. Young women grow up hoping to meet their prince charming; many of us hope for this strong handsome man with a perfect job, resembling much of the stories we were read to as children. In reality, we grow up searching for this and we end up finding love in the imperfections of a man. This man may be similar to our prince from our childhood but full of beautiful imperfections that you would have never imagined in your prince. They come with a story that makes them who they are. That is beautiful.