Everyone is always concerned with photo shoot prep and they don’t realize the effects of makeup and hair styling on your face and hair.
Your makeup looks gorgeous. You are stunned by how beautiful you look and want to keep your makeup on as long as possible even hours after the dozen selfies you took and long after the shoot is over. Problem is that the makeup that was caked on your face is clogging all your pores. Models tend to break out typically after photo shoots due to the fact that the face is getting covered in impurities from brushes that may not be cleaned properly and potentially old makeup.
Solution: Remove the beautiful makeup as quickly as you can. Although it’s pretty, the quicker you remove it the less time you have it clogged up with all that makeup. I recommend using a makeup wipe to remove most of the excess makeup and follow with eye makeup remover and another full facial makeup remover. Then, use a cleanser to clean off any remaining impurities then apply some toner. Most importantly, apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin.
Hairstylists love to experiment during photo shoots with new styles and products to attempt crazy up dos. All this product and heat can severely damage your hair if not done properly or if not taken care properly. You want to avoid breakage of hair follicles and other damage as much as possible.
If your hair was teased, kindly ask the hair stylist, if possible, at the end of the shoot if she can remove as much of the teasing as possible. You can severely break your hair strands if not done the right way. If this is not possible, wash your hair with a ton of conditioner and use a wide-toothed comb in the shower to carefully untangle it.
Don’t leave any hair spray or other chemicals in your hair. Hair follicles are very sensitive and can get damaged very quickly. You should always do a hair conditioning treatment after a lot of product or heat is applied to your hair.
I hope these tips help!